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White Bunk Beds for Girls & Boys - White Bunk Bed Options

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  • Twin Sized Loft Bed with Desk

    Twin Sized Loft Bed with Desk

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    List Price: $770.99


1 Product(s)

White is a very neutral, easy-to-match color and a white bunk bed seamlessly integrates into almost any room.  In fact, it’s one of the most widely used colors by manufacturers.  Choosing a white model over another color is really a matter of preference and maintenance because obviously, white does tend to smudge more than black, for instance.  However, if your kids are generally neat and you don’t mind a once-over with a moist towel every now and then, white will really give a nice clean feel to your kids’ room.  While a bit deep, it’s worth considering the effect that color has on children and on people in general.  There’s a reason why feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice.  White is perhaps the most positive of colors and promotes clarity and tranquility.

Unlike pink, for instance, both boys and girls feel comfortable sleeping in a white bed, though white bunk beds for girls are significantly more popular.  If decoration is really your forte, then there are some gorgeous white wood bunk bed options to carry the theme of the room. Even the most discerning of parents (and children) will find that white wood can work for both a contemporary and traditional angle depending, of course, on the rest of the décor.