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Bunk Bed Care and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a bunk bed, one might think it's a one time process to assemble the unit and be done with it forever. The truth is several thousand injuries occur every year due to lack of care and maintenance given to bunk beds. It's essential to follow the weight restrictions posted on the bunk bed boxes and the bunk bed frames themselves. If you do not follow the instructions for your particular unit, serious injuries, even death can occur.

That's not to say all types of bunkbeds are not safe; they are perfectly safe. Make sure you check the structural integrity every six months. During this time of inspection, make sure all of the connections, nuts, bolts and supports are firmly secure. And as always, you should never mistreat your bunk bed frame by jumping, bouncing or otherwise exerting excessive force that could lead to failure.

If you have a wood bunkbed, it's a good idea to inspect the contact points as well as changes in the wood over time. If a metal bunk bed frame ever becomes bent for any reason, have it inspected by a professional. When transporting bunk beds, fully disassemble the unit prior to the move. Never use substitute parts to assemble the bunk bed and never leave parts out; it could lead to a weak point in the design.