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Note: This is a general bunk bed assembly reference sheet. Most applications will be similar, but may not be exactly. Please use included instructions for each individual unit.

  1. Position side rails to bedposts with foundation blocks turned inside and down. Assemble with machine bolts and appropriate flat washers.
  2. Stack Bed : Place 3 dowels in dowel holes of bottom bedpost. Position top bed unit on dowels in bottom bed unit.
  3. Safety wires: Position wires on the top of the foundation blocks 11 from the inside of the end structure. Assemble with #14 x screws.
  4. Guard Rails : Position guard rail at the side and assure there is no more than 15 inches from the end of the guard rail to bed end structure. Place two-piece guard rail on the back side rail, leaving 1/8" gap between guard rail and bed end structure. Assemble with #10 x 2 screws.
  5. Filler Boards: Filler boards are fixed to the end frames by the manufacturer and are not to be removed when stacking beds. End frames with filler boards must be used for the Upper Bunk.
  6. Ladder: Position ladder at either end of top Side Rail and assemble with #8 x 2 screws.


  • There must be at least 5 inches from mattress sleeping surface to the top edge of Guard Rail.
  • Frames with Filler Board are always used for upper bunk.