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Wood Twin Over Twin - Solid Oak and Maple Bunk Beds

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  • Deer Run Bi-Loft Bed

    Deer Run Bi-Loft Bed

    Sale Price: $2,093.99

    List Price: $3,005.99


1 Product(s)

Wood twin over twin bunk beds make gorgeous and practical additions to your children’s room. While wood is generally a bit bulkier than metal, it’s also warmer in both color and in the energy which it imparts to a room. Additionally, wood is exceedingly sturdy and holds its value quite well, allowing you to sell your bed once your kids outgrow it.

Wood models are quite diverse. Some have drawers and/or trundles; others are essentially just durable frames for mattresses. Stylistically, there is also a wide range to choose from: models with stairs, models with bunks perpendicular to each other and more. These beds will keep your children safe and sound while they sleep for years to come.