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Wood Loft Beds - Find a Wood Bunk Bed with Desk

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  • Twin Sized Loft Bed with Desk

    Twin Sized Loft Bed with Desk

    Sale Price: $538.99

    List Price: $770.99


1 Product(s)

Wood loft beds are attractive, functional and reliable. They generally have a warmer feel than metal models and look more like real furniture. Some models, in fact, have cabinets integrated into the construction so that they really are furniture.

There are many types of these beds to choose from. The most common type of loft bed model has a bed in the top bunk and an open, workstation-type unit in the bottom with a shelf upon which one can place a laptop, lamp and other supplies. Other models feature a second bed on the bottom and yet others simply leave the space on the bottom open to utilize as you please.