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Wood Full Over Full Bunk Beds - Shop Full Size Wood Bunk Beds

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  • Wrangle Hill Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Under-Bed Storage

    Wrangle Hill Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Under-Bed Storage

    Sale Price: $1,657.99

    List Price: $2,072.99


1 Product(s)

Wood full over full bunk beds are both highly functional beds and attractive pieces of furniture. Wood models give rooms a certain warmth that metal models lack. Perhaps this is because wood is a living, breathing material. These beds are constructed using any of a number of high-quality woods. Popular choices include oak, pine, beechwood and composite woods. A protective veneer and beautiful color finish is then applied to the finished product to ensure that the bed accentuates any room and lasts for years.

Depending on the model, wooden beds can support anywhere between 150 to over 350 pounds of weight. The frames are typically a bit thicker than those of metal models; this is more due to aesthetic considerations on the part of the designer than for any structural reason. However, form follows function and most models function as both a beds AND storage unit. This type of item features drawers below the bottom bunk in which you can store bedding, clothing, books, etc.

In addition to their usefulness, these beds are gorgeous furniture items. They are tall and imposing, yet delineated by space in the middle to allow for a feeling of continuity throughout the room. They last for years and have a high resale value. Wood full over full bunk beds are available in numerous types of wood, finishes, styles and price points to fit just about every unique need and budget.