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Metal Full Over Full Bunk Beds - Metal Full Size Bunk Beds for Sale

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  • Cletis Full over Full Bunk Bed

    Cletis Full over Full Bunk Bed

    Sale Price: $633.99

    List Price: $791.99


1 Product(s)

Metal full over full bunk beds are exceedingly durable and sturdy. On average, they also weigh significantly less than their wooden counterparts. The typical weight of a metal model is approximately 100 pounds, compared to an average of 200 pounds for a wooden model. The frames tend to be thinner than wooden beds but with no accompanying loss of supportive strength.

While it’s true that most people prefer wood for its appearance, the metal models are not at all unattractive, particularly when a high-quality, matching bedding is used. In fact, many individuals prefer the cleanliness, sleekness and strength of metal over the bulkier wooden items.

Metal beds are often designed in a minimalistic style, without the various accoutrements often found in wooden furniture. However, they are equally functional in terms of storage when purchased with a trundle and/or drawers. Full on full metal bunk beds are as affordable – and often, less expensive, than their wooden cousins and are fantastic, elegant pieces of furniture that last for many years.