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Loft Beds - Loft Bunk Beds With Desk

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  • Bunks Workstation Twin Bunk Bed

    Bunks Workstation Twin Bunk Bed

    Sale Price: $1,544.99

    List Price: $1,930.99


1 Product(s)

Loft beds are excellent multipurpose bunk beds that feature a bed in the top bunk and either a bed, workstation, storage spaces or empty space on bottom. These beds make intelligent use of vertical space and allow your children to work, organize, play and sleep in one neat area without sacrificing the spaciousness of their room.

In models featuring two beds, the beds are often perpendicular to one another and are excellent for children with a couple of years’ age difference. Models with workstations often have a shelf built in, which is perfect for a laptop and various stationary supplies. Units with storage space on the bottom allow your children to organize and put away their belongings in one central location. There are both wood and metal models available.