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Futon Bunk Beds for Sale - Find a Futon Bunk Bed Sofa

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  • Columbia Twin over Futon Wood Bunk Bed

    Columbia Twin over Futon Wood Bunk Bed

    Sale Price: $1,126.99

    List Price: $1,509.99


1 Product(s)

Futon bunk beds feature a standard bed-style top bunk and a futon in place of the bottom bunk. The futon portion is essentially a mini-couch that unfolds into a bed. The on-demand couch feature is a clear advantage over bed-only models as it offers a place to recline and read, watch TV or have a conversation. These futon/bed combos are every bit as accommodating as standard bed models and measure an average of 6 feet in length, 3.5 feet in width and 6 feet in height. They can support anywhere between 150 to over 300 pounds of weight.

Both wood and metal models are available, each with their own unique advantages. Wood, for instance, tends to be warmer, more pleasing to the eye and have higher resale value. It does, however, tend to weigh more and cost more. Metal, on the other hand, is lighter, less expensive and sleeker. Yet it can give the room a somewhat clinical aura and lacks the feel of “real” furniture. Despite these various differences, there are plenty of people who love both styles of bunk beds for their respective virtues.