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Full Over Full Bunk Beds - Full Size Bunk Beds

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  • Sponge Bob Surf Club Full over Full Bunk Bed

    Sponge Bob Surf Club Full over Full Bunk Bed

    Sale Price: $2,173.99

    List Price: $3,149.99


1 Product(s)

Full over full bunk beds are ideal for both growing children and adults. A full bed, also called a double, is 75 inches (6.25 feet) long and 53 inches (4.4 feet) wide. This bed size can accommodate the vast majority of adults and children absolutely love the freedom of being able to spread themselves out on a big, comfortable bed. The beds, themselves, are several inches longer in length and width and average about 6 feet in height.

These beds come in a large selection of styles and models. Most are made from a high-quality wood such as oak or Brazilian pine and are sanded and finished with a preventative coating to protect against splintering. While most individuals opt for the warm, natural look of wood, others prefer the clean, durable construction of a metal model.

These full-sized bunks are perfect for spouses who require separate beds yet wish to remain close to one another. They’re also perfect for siblings and make excellent dormitory beds. Assembling the item is fairly easy and non-technical and directions are always included. Once assembled, full over full bunk beds weigh between 150 and 350 pounds and will endure years of use faithfully.